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The Scope I’m going to setup Fibre Channel storage network to connect ESXi 7 hosts to a TrueNAS Core storage server using a Cisco MDS series switch. I’ve chosen to use Fibre Channel for my VM datastores because of it’s great performance and reliability and the fact that it works so well with VMware ESXi. Fibre Channel will connect the TrueNAS Core storage server (target) and ESXi servers (initiator) over a fabric. In this setup, I’ve got one Cisco MDS DS-C9148-16p-K9 switch, two Dell R720 ESXi 7 servers and one TrueNAS storage server. All of the servers will have QLogic HBAs with link a speed of 8Gbs. I will create 2 logical networks using VSAN’s to replicate having to separate switches. Although the Cisco MDS 9148-16p-K9 switch has 48 Fibre Channel ports, only 16 of them can acquire port a license by default and the remaining ports have to be activated…

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