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I’ve been running the VMs in my home lab on a ZFS pool on FreeNAS and now TruneNAS CORE made up of 600GB 10K SAS drives in a 6 x 2 way mirror configuration for some time and it works fine, but I’ve always wanted to have an all SSD high performance array. The price for used 400GB Hitachi Ultrastar SSD400M HUSML4040ASS600 has finally fallen to a level that makes them an option for a home lab setup. These were some of the best SAS SSDs available when they were released and they still have lots to offer for the home user. These drivers are MLC NAND with supper high endurance. For the rest of this blog when ever I say TrueNAS I’m referring to TrueNAS CORE the replacement for FreeNAS the free open source NAS.


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