Hi, I am an electrician / electronics / Instrument technician by trade that likes all things Linux, virtualisation, automation, electronics and technology in general. I believe in using technology to make you life easier, some might say it’s lazy. Some people like to read a book or garden, I like to tinker and code.

My tech blog is for geeks, non-geeks and technology enthusiasts. This site gives my opinion, practical advice and how-tos on the anything tech that I’ve done, from the basic to the advanced.

All of the thoughts and views here are mine and any of the instructions, code and recommendations are provided without warranty and use at own risk. Some of the projects I share will involve work with mains power and it can be deadly. In Australia only a licenced electrician can do electrical work so please follow the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction you live in.

I’m also into electronic music and you can get more info on that at www.clubtrance.net

I hope you find my blogs and ramblings useful and entertaining.

Kind Regards,