Monthly Archives: July 2021

I’ve been looking for a way to control a standard AC ceiling fan for some time. I use Z-Wave products for my lighting control and unfortunately there are no Z-Wave fan controllers that I know of. The main prerequisite is that the fan speed can be controlled from a wall plate independent of Home Assistant this will make sure that like the lights the fans would still be operational in the event Home Assistant crashes. In this blog I will show you how I achieved this goal with a little modification to the code and recompile of the firmware. We need to change the way the relays are switched from the default way Slow (1) – relay 1 on 2 & 3 off Medium (2) relay 1 & 2 on 3 off Fast (3) relay 3 on 1 & 2 off This behaviour does not give the correct speed control.…

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